La découpe du plasma sans HD

HD plasma cutting

Plasma cutting uses an electric arc that heats a gas mixture to very high temperatures to cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

HD plasma cutting provides a more precise cut than conventional plasma cutting. This results in a smoother, straighter cut, with less rounding and reduced burring that is much easier to remove.

These characteristics are a very attractive cutting alternative compared to laser cutting—both economically and for cut quality. This cutting method proves to be the most effective for cutting softer metals, but also applies to other ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

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Data sheet:

  • Work surface: 60 in. x 120 in. (1524 mm x 3048 mm)
  • Maximum thickness: Steel: 0.75 in. (19 mm); other materials: 0.5 in. (12.7 mm)
  • Programmable automation
  • Optimal use of materials