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welded parts.

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Our cutting methods result in clean, precise cuts so that our customers get the quality products they deserve. What’s more: waterjet cutting does not affect the physical properties of the materials.

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Welded components

Our greatest strength is managing welded projects. Our experienced personnel will carry out turnkey projects to match your unique designs and specifications.

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We are very satisfied with our relationship with this partner. The team’s help is very much appreciated.

HydroCoupe CRC’s personalized, highly professional service has helped us complete our various projects very well. It is important to mention that they have also provided us with outstanding technical support.

A loyal 20-year customer

Rest assured that HydroCoupe will always be a stakeholder in our future projects. You are one of our most crucial partners and advisors and you help our company stand out from the competition.

A loyal 20-year customer

We have done business with HydroCoupe CRC for many years. It’s a friendly team that makes every effort necessary to meet delivery deadlines and ensure quality products for their customers.

Customer since 2002

The expertise and professionalism shown by HydroCoupe CRC over the years make them a trusted company we can count on.

Simon Durocher, Director
Plastiques Flexibülb Inc.
20-year customer

About us

In 2010, Hydro Coupe and CRC merged to create a single company. Now united, Hydro Coupe CRC provides a variety of exclusive services to its extensive customer base. From Hydro Coupe’s abrasive waterjet cutting to CRC’s project management, merging both companies has enabled us to handle a variety of needs with efficient, quality service.